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How is the Funky School Project running?

naslovnica september, živi fosiliFunky School is published once a month in the form of a 12-page supplement of PIL, a monthly magazine for children and teens. Each supplement is focused on a particular topic which is accompanied by various theme-related related tasks and supported by photographs and illustrations. Furthermore, the monthly topic is also made available to every kid eager for knowledge and challenge by being expanded and presented on the www.veselasola.net web portal in the form of colorful interactive learning tasks, on-line tutorials, quizzes, games and additional interactive topic-related features.

Funky School primarily explores topics which are normally not covered in the 4th to 9th grade primary school curriculum. 

The monthly topic is always presented in such a way that the educational moment and cross-subject relationships (languages, science, social studies ...) are highlighted.  

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 The theme is produced by the editors in collaboration with experts from various disciplines and teachers and mentors.  

• Initiatives for the main theme are very diverse and may be linked to current issues of contemporary life, introducing specific events or simply updating knowledge in areas difficult to understand or areas that seem to be self-evident.

• Despite the fact that Funky School contents are created by experts working for scientific institutes, universities or other notable organizations, professors and teachers in primary and secondary schools, the main topic is always presented in a non-technical and understandable manner.


As many school teachers and mentors are using the Funky School topics to complement regular school learning materials, additional classes and free time activities, the themes are always related to the school curriculum (to some extent) or represent its upgrade.  

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